The Nigeria Shooting Sport Federation NSSF, (Formerly- known as the Nigeria Amateur Shooting Association (NASA) come into existence on paper in September 1976, following the decision – reached  during the meeting of the Commoner’s in charge of sport held in Lagos early in the year as the sole controlling – body for the sport of shooting in the country.

Thus, the Nigeria Shooting Sport Federation become a member of the International Shooting Sport Federation and also a member of the African Shooting Sport Federation ASSF (founded in March 1981). Commodore Edwin Kentebe was the pioneer-chairman to steer the affairs of the federation followed be a few elected-leaders and culminating with the present shooting – Federation –President, while Mr. P.O.C Achebe was the first Federations, Gen. Chijuka, Gen. JGS Hamakim, Wole Madariola, Gen L.O Adeoye (Rtd), – Secretaries; whom many other administered the sport from Mrs Aluko, Mrs Mbora, Mr Anthony Idaye, Dayo Abulude, Mr. Emmanuel Oludukiya before Mrs. Otumala Monica.


We want shooting to be a platform for an integrated sports where shooters can achieve self-actualization and total inclusion regardless of age, height, intelligence, and disability.


 It is to enrich the lives of shooters by granting them the opportunity to participate in shooting sports. Participation can promote development in all areas of life, physical, mentally, and socially. I will therefore strive to fill shooters with a sense of confidence and accomplishment so that these feelings will spread to all other aspect of their lives.

    To achieve this mission I have to abide with consistent passion, equality, integrity, hard work, cooperation/mutual respect, international value for money and participation.



To announce grassroots development in shooting sports, improve visibility and gain support partnership from a wide range of actors in sporting industries and private sector.

  • To promote shooting sports.
  • To improve visibility of Nigeria Shooting Federation and secure the support/partnership of all actors in the sporting industries.
  • To build consensus on the road map for the development and the improvement of hooting sports in Nigeria.
  • To ensure shooting sports development at the grassroots which in turn provide sustainability of shooters.
  • To attract stakeholder to provide infrastructures, funds for training and competitions.